The environment

Our commitments for the environment

First of all, the two swimming pools: the outdoor one and the indoor one are both heated with air / water heat pumps. This system guarantees us a reduction in energy consumption and also a constant temperature because they are reliable and competent tools.The environment, in the camping world, is necessarily part of our nature. It's just impossible not to contend with. And we, at the 4-star Domaine des Salins Campsite near Saint Jean de Monts, we have decided to explain to you what we do for the environment, actions, always actions, and a clear and committed line of conduct.

Then, during the construction of the indoor swimming pool and the new sanitary, we chose to install solar panels for the production of domestic hot water (that of showers and sinks). These solar panels allow us to be almost autonomous on the "domestic hot water" station and to ensure a quality service with our campers.

In addition, all the campsite is equipped with low consumption light.

Whether in the rental: mobile homes and chalets, in the aisles or in the buildings: snack-bar, toilets, reception, these are always energy-saving light bulbs.

The most energy-consuming on the campsite, they are systematically equipped with timed taps with aerators, this is also the case in accommodation. This choice brings us saved water. Of course, the same goes for the help of each of us to avoid any waste.

Our contract "water" is negotiated as fair as possible so that the service is guaranteed and everything to each one helps us to keep a consistent level of cost. In a very "societal" spirit, it is also to encourage our vacationers to use the soft circulation .

Thanks to our partnership with the bicycle rental company Cycl'Evasion, 500 m from the campsite, you can rent bikes at the best price and enjoy our beautiful landscapes, being proud to respect what you discover around you. the fundamental post: that of the selective sorting of waste. In recent years, this point has evolved a lot and it is important to review the actions implemented:

Finally, the fundamental post: that of selective sorting of waste. In recent years, this point has evolved a lot and it is important to review the actions implemented:

  • At each arrival: distribution of the selective sorting bag with details of sorting in Vendée,
  • The donation box: a real place of passage for a commodity "while it is in operation, but which we no longer need" to its next user, who himself will use it for the desired time and will be able to dispose of this product again in the donation box at the end of your stay at Camping Domaine des Salins in Saint Hilaire de Riez,
  • In 2020, the installation of a composter, to go, again and again, to a zero waste campsite,
  • The use of pretty reusable cups in the snack bar (welcome drink, animated evenings, ...)

And of course, we could add: vegetable hedges with many different tree species, the plantation of trees themselves recovered during the pruning of the largest trees, etc ... but we are sure that you understood that the environment and us, it is a bond which lasts for many years and which we cherish!

Come to speak to us about it at the reception, or with the men on the ground. Jacques and Guillaume will be happy to explain our methods to you.