The campsite philosophy

A top-quality welcome, respect for our customers and their wishes.
In a campsite on a human scale, such as the 4-star Domaine des Salins in Saint Hilaire de Riez, we enjoy taking care of our guests!

For us a warm welcome is written with a capital W, because we do our job above all to make sure our holidaymakers are enjoying their stay.
We go out of our way to guarantee an exceptional, and even unforgettable holiday. How do we do it?
A warm welcome is our shining light, and from a first phone contact you will see that we treat all our guests as individuals, so that when you arrive you’ll find a continuity from what we began together a few months before.
During your stay, we strive to be of help, with precise and detailed information for visitors about the sites and events that are not to be missed or advice about the restaurants you ought to try. If you need something, rest assured that we will do everything we can to help you.
And of course, what’s really important is a greeting, a smile, a friendly word and the fact we take the time to get to know you.
Our job is to make you happy!

Enjoy your holiday at the Domaine des Salins!