Vendée gastronomy

A Vendée campsite to savour gastronomy blending the land and the sea...

Vendée is rich in its fine dishes, from starters to dessert, and you’ll have no problem eating meals that are 100 % Vendée!
Bring a glass and a serviette and follow the guide!
You’ll lick your lips when you see the Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie sardines, and the Beauvoir-sur-Mer oysters and the famous Port du Bec. You can then explore all aspects of the mogette bean together with some Vendée poultry, perhaps – sold the world over! And why not try some frogs’ legs, a fine delicacy served with parsley?
Time for cheese? Then taste a piece of mizotte, a cheese with an orange crust, and sure to delight the taste buds.
For the dessert, there’s a wide range of choices: maraîchin flan with its divine crust, the millet, a milk dessert served with a touch of red fruit jam or the delicious caillebotte cheese made from fresh local milk!
With your coffee, soon you won’t be able to go without the famous Vendée brioche, or its cousin, the gâche.