About us

Soon, you will move on to the final phase: booking your next vacation.

This act is not without consequences because each member of your group or family will be able to tell you if your choice turned out to be positive or not!

And if this is not the case, beware! In a spirit borrowed from benevolence and love of our profession and our customers, we would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our history, our values ​​and above all , members who make up today the beautiful (and fine;) team of the Camping Domaine des Salins in Saint Hilaire de Riez in Vendée!

And then, you should also know that our philosophy, if that is the term, is based on values human beings deeply rooted in ourselves and that, without hesitation, none of us would do this job without "the love of people". It comes from the heart: a beating heart! You will know more about this expression by coming to the Sunday evening lottery!

Finally, the open-air hotel, or camping, as its name suggests, takes place in the great outdoors, in nature ... and what place Wiser than the campsite to respect our environment, enhance it, tame it? For us, it is obvious, we must continue, all together, on our scale, to put in place actions to have a cleaner environment, better respect. And this objective is with you that we intend to achieve it! Without you, nothing is possible!

So, ready to try the adventure at the 4-star Domaine des Salins Campsite?

If you want to know more, follow the bubbles below, and fully enter our universe!